Aims and objectives

At Orchardown our aims and objectives are to provide residents with a way of life that resembles as closely as possible the life style that they had when they were in their own home. In this respect quality of life is of the utmost importance and below are some of the ways in which we strive to make our care home a great place to live.

Quality of Life
The right to live within a safe and comfortable environment, within which social and personal care practices are supportive and stimulating, enabling each individual to realise their personal aspirations and exercise their abilities in aspects of daily life.

Appropriate Care
The right to have their social, emotional, physical, spiritual, health and personal care needs and wishes identified and planned by an appropriate person, in order to receive the best possible healthcare benefits including a prevention, maintenance, programme based on their needs.

Dignity, Privacy and Independence

  • The right to be treated in such a manner as to allow the individual to retain dignity at all times, by respecting their uniqueness, their personal needs and by treating them with respect, whatever their disabilities or frailties.
  • To offer them independence as much as is possible depending on the mobility of the resident.
  • To respect their privacy, including the provision of accommodation within which the individual can exercise choice, e.g. their own personal items, and entertain visitors in the privacy of their own rooms.

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